My girlfriend arrived late last night and we were just sitting and talking. For some reason, we got into talking about latin and started bragging about our latin skills. She was telling me all about different latin maxims, and how witty and smart law-students are about those things.

Well that’s just it. I have been memorising (not as much as I should have, perhaps) countless latin words over the past months but I have nothing to show for it. There is no interesting conversation behind valva tricuspidalis, or glutaminfosforibosylamidotransferase. There just isn’t. Since I spend a large part of my time thinking about these things, these words, my mind tends to resort to them when I’m out of things to say.

How do you other med-students feel about this? Sandra has learned all this party-trick latin, and knowledge, that she can use to spark interesting conversations. All l I have managed to do with going to medical school is to spur conversations about all the moles and coughs that people go around worrying about. Really guys, I don’t know. Go see a real doctor. I have no idea.

While I really appreciate many aspects of medical school and a lot of the things I’m learning and having the opportunity to do, this was certainly an aspect that I had failed to predict.